🚀 Installation

1. Prerequisites #

1. System Requirements​ #

Main version
Python3.7, 3.8, 3.9, 3.10, 3.11
OSWindows 11, 10 recommended; Windows 7 SP1* or above

2.Code Editor #

  • Visual Studio Code

2.Installation​ #

(1). installation by command ‘pip install clicknium’ #

  • When installing the Clicknum Python package, use the command “pip install clicknium” in the terminal.
  • After completing this it will allow you to install a Chrome/Egde/Firefox extension in VSCode.
  • Enable the Brower extenion please.
    • Example of Edge browser 👉🏻 To Reopen Welcome Page: open the Command Palette: ‘Ctrl+Shift+P’, input ‘Clicknium:Welcome‘ . To Enable Edge Extension: Open Edge browser, type 'edge://extensions/' into address bar and enable Clicknium Recorder extension as below: 

(2). installation from VScode Studio #

Step1 . Install the Extension (or search Clicknium in Visual Studio Code Extension marketplace)

Step2. Click ‘CLICKNIUM EXPLORER  in Visual Studio Code Activity Bar

Step3. Follow the welcome page to check the Python environment. Install the Clicknium Python module and ‘pip install clickniumSelect’, as well as the browser extensions. After installation, enable the extension and sign in to start for free.

3.Automation Sample #

Get a sample script showing the automation of the web page and notepad.

1. Setup Sample Project #

  • Click ‘Clicknium: Sample‘  in Welcome Page. Or invoke the Command Palette by pressing ‘Ctrl+Shift+P’ and input ‘Clicknium: Sample.
  • Choose a path to locate sample project.

The sample.py contains two automation samples, one is Edge web automation, and the other is notepad automation.

import subprocess
from time import sleep
from clicknium import clicknium as cc, locator, ui

def main():
    # sample code to demo web automation and desktop application
    cc.config.set_license('your license key')
    tab = cc.edge.open("https://www.bing.com/")

    process = subprocess.Popen("notepad")

if __name__ == "__main__":

2. Run The Sample #

In Visual Studio Code, open sample.py and press ‘Ctrl+F5‘ to run the script with following steps:

  • Open a search engine page
  • Input a keyword and click search button
  • Open a notepad
  • Input text to notepad

Next #

Learn how to start an automation project from zero.

Document Guidelines

For more about Clicknium Visual Studio Code, please refer to here.
You may need to refer Clicknium Python package documents when writing code.
For more tools provided by Clicknium, please refer to:

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Updated on 1 December 2023