def new_tab(self, url: str, is_wait_complete: bool = True, timeout: int = 30) -> BrowserTab

Open a new tab in the current browser.

 url[Required]: str
   Url string, the target site url, eg.:
 is_wait_complete: bool
   is_wait_complete, whether to wait for the tab to complete loading, the default value is True.
 timeout: int
   Timeout for the operation, the unit is second, and the default value is 30 seconds.

 BrowserTab object, you can execute following operations in the browser tab: find_element, find_elements, close, refresh and so on.


from clicknium import clicknium as cc

_tab ="")

# get tab's browser
_browser = _tab.browser

# new tab
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Updated on 29 August 2023