def scrape_data(
locator: Union[_Locator, str],
locator_variables: dict = {},
next_page_button_locator: Union[_Locator, str] = None,
next_page_button_locator_variables: dict = {},
next_page_button_by: Union[Literal["default", "mouse-emulation", "control-invocation"], MouseActionBy] = MouseActionBy.Default,
wait_page_load_time: int = 5,
max_count: int = -1,
timeout: int = 30
) -> object

Scrape data from applications. It supports using a locator which targets the next page button as an automatic page turner.

 locator[Required]: Union[_Locator, str]
   The visit path of locator for target UI element, eg: ‘’.
 locator_variables: dict = {}
   Set to initialize parameters in locator, eg: { “row”: 1, “column”: 1}, more about variable, please refer to
 next_page_button_locator: Union[_Locator, str] = None
   The visit path of locator for goto next page UI element. If it’s None, means just extract the current page data.
 next_page_button_locator_variables: dict = {}
   Set to initialize parameters in next_page_button_locator.
 next_page_button_by: Union[Literal[“default”, “mouse-emulation”, “control-invocation”], MouseActionBy] = MouseActionBy.Default
   Defines the method to click the UI element.
     mouse-emulation: click the target UI element by simulating mouse.
     control-invocation: click the target UI element by invoking its UI method. It may not be supported if it is a Windows desktop element.
     default: automatically choose method per element type. For Web element, use control-invocation; for Window element, use mouse-emulation.
 wait_page_load_time: int = 5
   Time to wait for the next page to load, the unit is second. If the value less than 0, use 0.
 max_count: Uint = -1
   Maximum number of extracte data items. default value is -1. If the value less than 0, means extract all data until the last page.
 timeout: int = 30
   Timeout for the operation to find the ‘locator’ UI element, the unit is second, and default value is 30 seconds.

 The Json object of extracted data


from clicknium import clicknium as cc
import pandas as pd

rowdata = cc.scrape_data(locator.sample)
df = pd.json_normalize(rowdata)
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Updated on 29 August 2023