def open(
url: str,
is_maximize: bool = True,
is_wait_complete: bool = True,
userdata_folder_mode: Literal["automatic", "default", "custom"] = WebUserDataMode.Automatic,
userdata_folder_path: str = "",
args: List[str] = None,
timeout: int = 30
) -> BrowserTab

Open browser with specified url to get a browser tab. Browser automation extensions should be installed and enable. CDP is supported for Chrome and Edge browser, chromecdp and edgecdp can run without browser automation extension and support Headless mode by set headless = true in open function.


  • When you open and run the Python script with “Start Debugging (F5)” or “Run Without Debugging (Ctrl+F5)” in Visual Studio Code , the opened browser may be closed when exiting the debugging or running state.
  • CDP doesn’t support attach existing browsers.

url[Required]: str
   Url string, the target site url, eg.: https://www.bing.com.
is_maximize: bool
   is_maximize, whether to maximize the browser window, the default value is True.
is_wait_complete: bool
   is_wait_complete, whether to wait for the broswser to complete loading, the default value is True.
userdata_folder_mode: WebUserDataMode
   userdata_folder_mode defines whether using customized user data folder when opening the browser.
   automatic:use user data folder automatically.
   default:use default folder of the user data.
   custom:use the folder specified by parameter ‘userdata_folder_path’.
userdata_folder_path: str
   User data’s folder path.
args: additional arguments to pass to the browser instance. The list of Chromium flags can be found at https://peter.sh/experiments/chromium-command-line-switches/, ex: args=[“–profile-directory=Default”]

 **timeout**: int

   Timeout for the operation, the unit is second, and the default value is 30 seconds.

BrowserTab object, you can execute the following operations in the browser tab such as: find_element, find_elements, close, refresh and so on.


from clicknium import clicknium as cc

# open IE browser
ie_tab = cc.ie.open("https://www.bing.com")

# open Chrome browser
chrome_tab = cc.chrome.open("https://www.bing.com")
# open Chrome browser with CDP
chrome_tab_cdp = cc.chromecdp.open("https://www.bing.com")
# open Chrome browser with headless mode
chrome_headless_tab = cc.chromecdp.open("https://www.bing.com", headless = true)

# open Edge browser
edge_tab = cc.edge.open("https://www.bing.com", is_wait_complete = True)
# open Edge browser with CDP
edge_headless_tab = cc.edgecdp.open("https://www.bing.com", is_wait_complete = True, headless = true)

# open Firefox browser
firefox_tab = cc.firefox.open("https://www.bing.com", timeout = 10)

# open Brave browser
brave_tab = cc.chromium('brave').open("https://www.bing.com", timeout = 10)

# open Vivaldi browser
vivaldi_tab = cc.chromium('vivaldi').open("https://www.bing.com", timeout = 10)
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Updated on 29 August 2023