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Python module for web automation supporting all web operations

Rich operations for full spectrum of web automation

Element: click, highlight, screenshot, drag_drop, hover, get size, get position etc.

Browsers: browser window, tabs, tab operations

Supporting multiple browsers with broader coverage

  • Native Automation with Browser Extensions
  • Extensions provide more native automation technology
  • Extensions support real browsers that users actually use
  • Extension automation emulate human behaviors more

Automation beyond web page

  • File upload dialog
  • File download save as dialog
  • Print dialog
  • Browser settings dialog
  • And more

Optimizing automation for web

  • Simulate mouse/keyboard + javascript invoke control
  • Specific element optimizations: checkbox, select/dropdown list
  • Iframe element optimized
  • Canvas element supported
  • Browser context supported

Security of automation

  • User control browsers
  • Customized user data folder