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How to Use Custom Attributes to Locate Web Elements

Introduction #

From Locator and Web Automation, you know which attributes Clicknium used to locate web elements, such as “tag,” “id,” “name” and so forth.
A web element may occasionally include additional attributes, some of which are significant and can be used to identify the web element.

Version Requirement #

Clicknium Visual Studio Code Extension >= 0.1.9

Clicknium Python Module >= 0.1.8


For more about the installation and the tutorial of Clicknium Automation, please refer to here.

Samples #

The example below demonstrates how to take advantage of this functionality.

Sample 1: Azure DevOps new work item page

We want to locate the ‘Discussion’ input area.

  • It is simple to generate the locator like the one below using Clicknium Recorder:

In this scenario, the “ancestorId” of the produced locator is dynamic; if you create a work item again, the “ancestorId” will be change. Given that Clicknium returns the values for all of the web element’s attributes, choosing “aria-label” and excluding “ancestorId” will make the locator more dependable for this sample.

In order to be flexible, you should alter the “title” to “New Bug *: – Boards”. Please refer to wildcard locator and Recapture and Compare.

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Updated on 24 November 2023