Sample – Supply Chain Management

Overview This is a sample of supply chain solution with Clicknium web automation. Here is the details: Here are the details: based on a PO number, the solution finds and captures data from another “Purchase Order Tracking” web app and looks up the state of the agent from an Excel file to finally fill the data to […]

Sample – Finance Quarter Close

Overview For many enterprises, at the end of each fiscal quarter, the finance team spends much time making all of the financial obligations fulfilled. This is a sample of financial quarter close solution with clicknium automation. It can review transactions automatically. Here is the details: go through transactions in local financial system to find the matching transaction […]

Sample – Data Migration Automation Solution

Overview Many enterprises need data migration solution. For example, if IT system is upgraded,there is need to migrate data from legacy system to upgraded system. This is a sample for employee data migration solution with Clicknium desktop&web automation. Here is the details: migrate employee data from a legacy thick client application into new HR system. Practical Walkthrough […]

Sample – Customer Onboarding Automation Solution

Overview This is a sample of customer onboarding solution with clicknium web automation. For one enterprise, customer onboarding has a significant impact on a customer willingness of using your product. You may define the customer onboarding process in your company internally,for example, new customer information adds into CRM(customer relationship management) system. If you can automatically process customer […]

Generate reliable locators for web UI testing or data scraping

If you are spending a large chunk of development time finding elements on a web page, such as input, checkbox, submit button, table, and divs. It can be challenging to locate the correct elements, especially when they lack unique attributes, such as id, name, and class names; it is even worse if the attributes are […]

Locator Store VS POM

Page Object Model is a design pattern. It is popular in test automation for enhancing test maintenance and reducing code duplication. Similar to POM in design, Clicknium locator store enables developers to manage the locator independently of the code (test case code or other automation project). While Clicknium locator store also enables locators to be […]