Sample – Finance Quarter Close

Overview For many enterprises, at the end of each fiscal quarter, the finance team spends much time making all of the financial obligations fulfilled. This is a sample of financial quarter close solution with clicknium automation. It can review transactions automatically. Here is the details: go through transactions in local financial system to find the matching transaction […]

Sample – Data Migration Automation Solution

Overview Many enterprises need data migration solution. For example, if IT system is upgraded,there is need to migrate data from legacy system to upgraded system. This is a sample for employee data migration solution with Clicknium desktop&web automation. Here is the details: migrate employee data from a legacy thick client application into new HR system. Practical Walkthrough […]

Sample – Customer Onboarding Automation Solution

Overview This is a sample of customer onboarding solution with clicknium web automation. For one enterprise, customer onboarding has a significant impact on a customer willingness of using your product. You may define the customer onboarding process in your company internally,for example, new customer information adds into CRM(customer relationship management) system. If you can automatically process customer […]

Sample – Scrape all images on website

Overview This is a simple sample to scrape all images from a website by Python. While “find_element” of Clicknium is for locating a unique UI control, “find_elements” can be used to locate multiple UI controls with one locator. This example shows a basic usage scenario for this concept, and another blog shows advanced usage in capturing list […]

Automate filling web form with excel data

Overview In the web automation, it is a common scenario that we need to fill data on the web page. Here I would like to use two different ways (Selenium and Clicknium) to automate filling data in web form. The steps overview are as below: Here is the data in the excel file that we […]

Automate upload file dialog in web automation

Overview Sometimes there could be a dialog that needs to be handled when doing web automation, like file upload dialog, print dialog, or save as dialog. The problem is that the libraries that we use to do web automation normally do not support automating these dialogs. I will introduce two different ways of handling file […]

Clicknium VS Pywinauto

There are much clerical works in desktop client side which are repeatitive tasks, like filling forms, sending messages to multiple groups, manipulating ERP system etc. These operations cost much of employees’ time, and automating these client side software to reduce human time in these operations is a good alternative. There are some options to do […]

Clicknium VS AutoIt

There are several frequently used tools on the market for Windows GUI automation, such as AutoIt, AutoHotKey, Squish, and among others. Let me introduce a powerful new tool Clicknium that is great for GUI automation for all types of applications, including Windows GUI, Web, SAP, JAVA as well as image recognition. What makes Clicknium special?​ […]

Clicknium VS RPA

RPA is in full boom these days, more and more individuals and organizations start adopting RPA in different areas to replace repeatitive tasks by leveraging different automation technologies. Based on this, we are comparing Clicknium to RPA, especially from development perspective, to understand what could be a better option in accomplishing automation tasks in different […]

Scrape images from the website_Similar Elements

Overview This article describes how to extract numerous related images from a website. It is a basic necessity to download all images from a web page and store them to a local folder. It is also a necessary to preserve the titles of the images so that they may be managed or processed more easily […]