Scrape images from the website_Similar Elements

Overview This article describes how to extract numerous related images from a website. It is a basic necessity to download all images from a web page and store them to a local folder. It is also a necessary to preserve the titles of the images so that they may be managed or processed more easily […]

3 Ways of Attaching to Existing Browsers in Web Automation

For partial web automation that part of the work is prepared by human, and part of the work is automated. Attaching to existing browser is then required in this case. This blog introduces 3 ways of attaching to browser by different automation libraries. Overview​ For web automation, there are common scenarios containing end-to-end automation without […]

Java application automation by Clicknium

Background​ Java is an extremely popular programming language that is used to create many desktop GUI applications. It has become a typical demand to automate these Java GUI applications. Clicknium is perfectly suited to the task. This blog takes SwingSet.jar as an example to introduce how to use Clicknium to automate Java application. Let’s start to learn […]

Generate reliable locators for web UI testing or data scraping

If you are spending a large chunk of development time finding elements on a web page, such as input, checkbox, submit button, table, and divs. It can be challenging to locate the correct elements, especially when they lack unique attributes, such as id, name, and class names; it is even worse if the attributes are […]

Locator Store VS POM

Page Object Model is a design pattern. It is popular in test automation for enhancing test maintenance and reducing code duplication. Similar to POM in design, Clicknium locator store enables developers to manage the locator independently of the code (test case code or other automation project). While Clicknium locator store also enables locators to be […]

Using Clicknium project packaging

Quick and easy project packaging with Clicknium Background​ After creating an automated Python script, you must run it every time in Visual Studio Code or with a command like “Python” When running the script on a new computer, you must install the Python environment, etc., which might be a big nuisance if you have […]

How we migrate Clicknium to Manifest V3

Background​ We started a project called Clicknium this year, a Python automation library for browser and desktop applications. It depends on the Clicknium browser extension to control the browser, and simulate mouse and keyboard actions.Since January 2022, adding new extensions based on Manifest V2 to the Chrome Web Store has been forbidden. All extensions on Manifest V2 […]