Focus on WHAT to automate

not HOW

‚ąô Clicknium offers a cost-effective solution for automating your business.

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Boost Development Efficiency

  • Seamless integration with your familiar coding editors like Visual Studio Code
  • Higher efficiency in writing code with locator IntelliSense
  • Support inline operations to capture and validate¬†UI¬†locators

Great website compatibility

  • Compatible with most websites by using RPA-like web-automation technology
  • Great addition to Selenium stack
  • Easy¬†to¬†understand¬†for¬†RPA¬†developers

Automatic generate stable locators

  • Automatically¬†generate¬†stable¬†locators¬†of¬†any¬†application
  • Captured¬†once,¬†shared¬†among¬†different¬†automation¬†projects
  • Eliminate¬†the¬†troublesome¬†manual¬†locator¬†management

Meaningful locator in your code

  • Stop guessing the meaning of an XPath string, much easier to use meaningful names
  • Easy to read code with meaningful locator name, even from someone else
  • Hierarchical management of locator, clearly see the app/page/section¬†

Unified API for Web + Desktop

  • Supporting Chrome, Edge, Firefox, IE browser automation
  • Supporting Windows native application, Java application, WPF, Electron and more
  • Unified APIs for different types of automation

Proven stability

100k automation

runs per day

300+ days

automated run time per day

1500+ locators

generated per day

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