Automate upload file dialog in web automation

Overview Sometimes there could be a dialog that needs to be handled when doing web automation, like file upload dialog, print dialog, or save as dialog. The problem is that the libraries that we use to do web automation normally do not support automating these dialogs. I will introduce two different ways of handling file […]

Clicknium VS RPA

RPA is in full boom these days, more and more individuals and organizations start adopting RPA in different areas to replace repeatitive tasks by leveraging different automation technologies. Based on this, we are comparing Clicknium to RPA, especially from development perspective, to understand what could be a better option in accomplishing automation tasks in different […]

Scrape images from the website_Similar Elements

Overview This article describes how to extract numerous related images from a website. It is a basic necessity to download all images from a web page and store them to a local folder. It is also a necessary to preserve the titles of the images so that they may be managed or processed more easily […]

3 Ways of Attaching to Existing Browsers in Web Automation

For partial web automation that part of the work is prepared by human, and part of the work is automated. Attaching to existing browser is then required in this case. This blog introduces 3 ways of attaching to browser by different automation libraries. Overview​ For web automation, there are common scenarios containing end-to-end automation without […]